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Installed Software

  • what it is:

All the installed software details can be access by using installed software feature.

  • what it looks like
Optimus Hive Employee Monitoring image 32
Optimus Hive Installed Software 3
  • why do you use it:

This feature shows the details of all the installed software in the web application. These details can be search by different ways.

How you can do it:

Optimus Hive Employee Monitoring IS
Optimus Hive Installed Software 4

Adding A Column Filter To Installed Software:

The column filter can also be used to search data by different filtered column lists.

What is each of the columns in the list?

  • Location / Application: Denote the region/origin of the software/application
  • Display Version: show details about the installed software’s version, likewise the chassis model and device information.
  • Publisher: Publishing company of the software
  • Install Date: installation date of the software
  • Agent User: the agent that is using the software.
  • Log Date: the time-stamped record of events pertinent to a specific software

Click here to learn how to apply a list filter to Installed Software.

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