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  • what it is:

Keystroke recorders are computer programs that keep track of keyboard activity (keys pushed).

what it looks like

Optimus Hive Employee Monitoring Keystroke
Optimus Hive Keystrokes 6
  • why do you use it:

Using OptimusHive software, keystroke monitoring tracks, captures, records, and logs all keyboard activity performed by an agent or employee in web browsers, instant messaging emails, apps, documents, and programs.

  • how you do it

Users can see this feature on the left side of the dashboard screen when they click on the keystroke option. You can access other options in this feature.

You can see the keystroke input data by date, department, or by agent user.

Optimus Hive Employee Monitoring Keystroke date
Optimus Hive Keystrokes 7

When we search keystrokes input by department then a similar image will appear as shown below.

Optimus Hive Employee Monitoring Keystroke department
Optimus Hive Keystrokes 8

Below mentioned image will show when we search records by agent user.

Optimus Hive Employee Monitoring Keystroke agent user
Optimus Hive Keystrokes 9

Adding a column filter to Keystroke:

The user uses a Column Filter that can be used to search data by keystroke content.

What is each of the columns in the list?

Keystroke content: Identifying all the content i.e all the actions of logging records pressed by the users

Optimus Hive Employee Monitoring KSCol
Optimus Hive Keystrokes 10

Click here to learn how to apply a list filter to Keystrokes:

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