Optimus Hive is discovery automation system For your business

Optimus Hive has a revolutionary ability to monitor your business activities and recommend which tasks being performed can be automated. Allowing your business to become more efficient.

Digital Change Management

discovery Automation system

Technology plays a crucial role in our business and evolves so quickly. A software or application that had been effective for the last few years can be replaced by a new one all of a sudden. It’s very challenging for non-IT managers or leaders to ensure what new technology out there is useful for the business. The management might not be aware of how this new technology can make their work-life easier and improve the company’s bottom line.  A recent study shows that 66% of Companies will increase their automation investment in the next 12 months.

Optimus Hive has a  framework for discovery Automation system. It can connect the dots between management and new technology using META data. It renders analytical data along based on years of experience to provide you where and how to react.

It ensures that new technology can reduce the workload and automate repetitive, tedious tasks, and, as a result, you will see a significant improvement in your business’s productivity.

It’s quite challenging to measure how a task is completed without being present on the scene. Optimus Hive provides an intuitive analysis of user activity and presents with graphs and visuals –

  • Determine and compare time spend to productive and non-productive work.
  • Provide Reports of task completion on a Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and yearly basis
  • Based on completing the same tasks, Optimus Hive can determine who is more productive and who is not.
  • Analyze how the new technology adaptation change the business’s productivity
  • Help to set a benchmark time for each task based on the previous statistics and Metadata

Business Automation is significantly impacting the global business world, and it’s growing faster every day. A Study by MGI anticipated that by the year 2030, about 375 million workers, who are 14% of the total workforce, may need to switch their occupations because of automation, digitization, and AI.  These technologies will replace their job.

Another report by MGI shows that business automation can save up to 30% of the working hour. Is your company prepared for the changes the world is going through? Optimus Hive can monitor your business and suggest what could be automated or stopped because it adds no value. The application will look into the user activity and suggest the best automation process for your business, e.g., RPA, RDA, API, or the Optimus Hive tools and features embedded in the software.

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