Optimus Hive - How It Works

Optimus Hive extracts specific data from the agent’s devices. This data provides your business with data and analytics information to identify automation opportunities, improve the employee experience and increase workers’ productivity.

Digital Change Management

The solutions key point main benefits overview on why you should use it!

  • Optimus Hive addresses process mining shortcoming that results in inaccurate process discovery and automation scoping by capturing desktop-level tasks outside transactional systems.
  • Optimus Hive provides granular-level insights into how businesses work to process their customer’s transactions. Thus drastically improving the exceptional overall experience as more enterprises digitally transform their operations.
  • Optimus Hive solves how to acquire the insights required to plan daily work better, reduce costs incrementally and optimize processes continuously.

Digital Industry Expert Recommendations
Data and analytics leaders responsible for implementing artificial intelligence techniques and digital business transformations should:

  • Ensure while your employees are working in the office, remotely, or on a customer’s site, they are effectively performing their assigned tasks.
  • Recognize desktop-level inefficiencies and task automation opportunities by using task-mining tools.
  • Utilize task mining tools to enrich the employee’s experience by eliminating unnecessary steps (stop/automate), address unclear process decisions, help point out the number of systems/tools they regularly use, and potential training opportunities.
  • Maximize the potential of task mining by using its findings to plan daily activities, identify cost reduction (capital & expenses), and solve governance/compliance issues by identifying risky employee behavior.
  • As more of the business is digitalized, it’s easier for employees’ pc performed actions to impact the business’s bottom line. It is critical to use employee monitoring software to prevent illegal activities, avoid confidential info leakage, and catch insider threats.

Optimus Hive handles Task Mining and Employee Monitoring

Market Definitions

  • Employee Monitoring Software is a means that allows company administrators to monitor and supervise all their employee computers from a central location. It is typically deployed over a business network to provide secure, centralized data collection.
  • Task mining is a technique of scraping desktop-level event data to capture data to transform it into meaningful information.
How Task Mining Works

Figure 1

Both Task Mining and Employee Monitoring Software work the same way. The data is collected from individual employees via, logs, screenshots/recordings, keystrokes, mouse clicks, and data entries. (see Figure 1).
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