Why Choose Optimushive Employee Monitoring Software?


All in one, Complete Business Management Software

Optimus Hive shows how your business hours are used by giving summarized reports on task performance and costs. It also suggests where and when to invest your most valuable asset, TIME, so your business teams can shrink, grow, or maintain their size as your business changes.

The solution provides the data to generate Task Mining flows.  There is also the tool’s ability to create the Task Mining flows, or you can use the Power BI Add-on to generate Process or Tasking Mining flow charts.

OptimusHive – Feature-Packed Employee Monitoring Software



Conventional time tracking is now history. You can do a lot more with Optimus Hive. So, it’s time to Replace timesheets with your own customized automatic time tracker, which will display your real working hours and the start/end of the working day on a regular basis.




Optimus Hive improves team productivity by focusing on the growth of the company. Hence, now one can easily generate productivity scores by department, activity, or user, and measure productivity levels using automatic or manual categorization.




Identify the time involved in unproductive and personal tasks and block them. Thus, with such an ease you can learn which applications and websites your employees use in order to determine which are useful and which are time-consuming.




You can ensure your employees are changing with your business.




Eliminate the Boring and Repetitive tasks your employees are performing




Easy-to-Use Dashboard to operate, analyze, and generate reports from one place.

OptimusHive – Easy Employee Monitoring Made Possible

With our best Employee Monitoring solution, Let us help you in putting your company to the Next Level.


Optimus Hive provides intuitive reports and dashboards that enable you to make critical business decisions. It does this by collecting META data while your employees use your business devices. Optimus Hive takes this data and turns it into actionable information related to how your employees work and what impedes their productivity. You can take direct action on the information Optimus Hive provides by addresses your process, tooling, and training “opportunities” within your business.


Technology changes so quickly today! It’s a real challenge for your non-IT-skilled leaders and employees to understand what new technology is out there, let alone how that new technology could make their work-life easier and improve your business’s bottom line. Optimus Hive can bridge that gap by using META data. It collects, along with analytical analysis and years of experience, to provide your ideas. Also, this new technology can play a role in reducing or eliminating boring and repetitive tasks, thus allowing your subject matter experts to be experts.


Effective “Change Management” is accomplished using methods an experienced leader develops over the years of getting people on board to achieve the required business outcome. Optimus Hive can play a crucial part in your Change management solution. It can support your experience, and more importantly, your less experienced leaders get individual employees aligned with the new way of doing things. Thus, resulting in the adoption and realization of your business changes more quickly.


Along with TIME, businesses spend a great deal of money on software applications and licenses. Are your employees using them as often as they said they would? Are you re-purchasing new licenses when a position is backfilled because no one knows, the person who left had a special licensed application on their device? Optimus Hive can help by solving these types of issues for your business. It does this by producing reports and sending alerts when it recognizes these types of scenarios are occurring. This action will improve your business bottom-line.

OptimusHive Employee Monitoring Covers Everything -Productivity, Cost, and Performance

Employee monitoring keeps track of the activities of your staff, generates reports, and assesses productivity. Above all, it encourages friendly communication.


You and Your Team can bring change:


An increase in productivity and performance if your staff is committed to improving their work habits. In fact, teams who use OptimusHive enjoy a boost in productivity of 10% to 80%. This has a direct impact on costs since as employee output rises, so do costs eventually decrease. Since more work is accomplished within the same budget.

Benefits of adopting OptimusHive Employee Monitoring Software

More accurate data:   

You may make decisions to enhance your company operations and establish acceptable goals with better data about your workers’ computer etiquette.


Increased efficiency:

Employee Monitoring Software gives the opportunity to Employees to enhance their performance after discussing their work habits with you.


Productivity has increased: 

Your team will be more productive if you maintain your finger on the pulse. The majority of teams notice an improvement in productivity of 10% to 80%.


Reporting is easy.   

Easily access productivity reports.


Lower costs and less overstaffing:

You can save money if you have better data. You can enhance overall efficiency and get the best out of your budget by discovering how your team might improve.

How to Overcome the Cons of adopting Employee Monitoring Software

Employee reluctance

Some employees may be apprehensive about the use of surveillance tools. Explain why it is vital and how it will assist you to enhance the overall productivity of the company.

 A learning curve:

Finding the appropriate balance between monitoring and allowing your staff to encourage themselves may be difficult. But don’t be concerned! You’ll figure it out after a bit of experimenting.


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