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Along with TIME, businesses spend a great deal of money on software applications and licenses. Are your employees using them as often as they said they would? Are you re-purchasing new licenses when a position is backfilled because no one knows the person who left had a particular licensed application on their device?

A study conducted in 129 counties of 14 different industries for four years revealed that companies wasted approximately $30 Billion in software licenses, which was 37% of the total. It was estimated that the per desktop cost was $259. You can now find out how much you have wasted so far.

Optimus Hive can help by solving these types of issues for your business. It does this by producing reports and sending alerts when it recognizes these types of scenarios are occurring. This action will improve your business’s bottom line.

Most medium and large organizations purchase software based on their IT recommendation. IT is usually responsible for where the software is to install, who is using it, and the software’s renewal. But your IT can’t ensure that the user is using the software very often or not at all. If they are not using it, is it worth buying or renewing the software for a team? Also, IT remove certain software once the user moves to a different department or goes to a new role? Can they ensure, when a new employee refills the post, they use the same software and resource to make the most use of the software?

Optimus Hive provides an excellent solution to this problem. It will track an employee’s software activities and analyze how much time they spend on the specific software. It empowers your IT to handle software using tracking more efficiently by sending alerts for unused or rarely used programs. Thus, your company can save millions in this transition.

Optimus Hive can help you utilize the best use of your software purchase and send data to your dashboard so that your IT can have a clear understanding of the investment. It also ensures if the software license you purchase is productive for your business or not. If your employees rarely use software or have less impact on your business, you can discontinue or limit the use.

Other features of Software license handling include –

  • Analyze application inventory to determine which one requires for operation and which one need to drop
  • Monitor all application and web usage stats and show reports on the preferred quantity of licenses.
  • Find out software that is low in performance and can be replaced by a newer one.
  • Suggest the exact number of resources needed to complete a task or process.
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