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It’s Not An Employee Monitoring Solution, It’s A Revolutionary Business Productivity Application. It offers workforce insights that enhance productivity and are engineered to scale with your large goals.

Digital Change Management

Workforce Analytics Software to bring Most Effective Productivity Perspectives

Optimus Hive provides productivity-boosting workforce insights which are very versatile, simple to use, and designed to grow with your major business goals.

From the beginning, you'll feel like a pro

No other solution is as simple to use as Optimus Hive, when it comes to intuitive real-time analytics interface towards the quick, simple multiple and remote deployment options.

Adaptable to Your Everyday Need

There are no different companies that are alike. As a result, Optimus Hive allows you to tailor almost every area of your workspace analytics to your team's size, structure and goals.

Enterprise-Grade Protection

With encryption, multi-certificate compliance, and safe installation on-premises or in the cloud, you have unrivalled security that's engineered to grow.

Analytics to Assist You in Bringing Your Game High

It requires more than insight to figure out how your team operates best. It involves understanding how, why and when, people produce excellent job. It’s exactly what Optimus Hive provides. Deep behavioral and efficiency insights assist you in enhancing productivity, working more effectively, and preparing your team for success.

Optimus Hive Agent Monitoring Dashboard

Make Your Team More Productive

Comprehensive, real-time productivity analytics and statistics make you realize how your team works on a daily basis – and what’s required to get them to their most productive.

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Simplify everything through Task Mining:

Task mining helps you discover opportunities to improve business processes. Optimus Hive can analyze user interaction data.
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Task Mining Analysis
discovery automation system

Uncover New Value in Your Time through automation

With sophisticated automatic time mapping, you can discover and unlock new value from your team’s time by recording and evaluating how it’s utilized every day.
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Software Licensing Management

Software Licensing Management helps consolidate license administration, conserve license usage, and reduce unauthorized applications.
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Optimus Hive Software License

Enjoy Best-in-Class Support and built a Flexible, Modern Teams with us

From deployment to day-to-day use, talk to our people on our dedicated support staff or call our Help Desk for assistance.

Optimus Hive Employee Monitoring Why is Monitoring Employees Essential

Secured with enterprise-grade encryption and available on both on-premises & on the cloud

Experience the freedom of a secure solution for cloud-based app, or choose an On-Premise option for even greater control over your data. Scalable security – whether you’re a corporate team featuring 10,000+ or a startup company with 5-10 employees.


Integration helps to simplify the visualization of change data. Optimus Hive can pull data from, and share data with, other business software solutions.
Active directory
Power BI

Privacy & Security

Business security and personal privacy ensure compliance and minimize risk. Optimus Hive takes privacy and security very seriously!
Workforce management
Proprietary security

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