Optimus Hive - Features

Optimus Hive is a Revolutionary Business Productivity Application!  The Software Solution performs Employee Monitoring, Task Mining, & Data Mining solution. 

Digital Change Management
Task Mining Analysis

Task mining Modules

Task Mining helps you discover opportunities to improve business processes. Optimus Hive can analyze user interaction data.


Optimus Hive supports different stages in activity analysis, such as gathering activity data, calculating characteristics, task monitoring, and process visualization.


A variant is a sequence of activities with a start event and a final event with any number of activities in between. The number of variants represents the total number of unique ways a task is performed. Each variant differs from the others by at least one activity.


Optimus Hive allows you to enter hourly or annual wages for your teams so it can calculate how much each activity, task, or variant of a task is costing your business.

Employee Monitoring Modules

Employee Monitoring helps manage your digital resources, employee time and online activities. Optimus Hive can monitor activity across websites, applications, and email.


Optimus Hive tracks user activity in installed applications, web applications, and websites, including time and duration. This collected data is then used for building time tracking reports for the evaluation of employee productivity.


Optimus Hive can track an application’s or website’s activity and inform a user that a specified application or website is not authorized. For example, if your business policy forbids the usage of non-authorized instant messenger clients, the solution can warn the user anytime they use one.


If your business or team has specific applications/websites that should not be monitored either due to the sensitivity of the information or its private (personal bank account), Optimus Hive provides “Whitelisting” or “Backlisting” to address the issue.
Blacklisting – This will capture the activities from ALL applications or websites EXCEPT those listed in the blacklisting settings.
Whitelisting – This will capture the activities ONLY applications or websites listed in the Whitelisting settings.


If knowing the application’s window title or the web URL is insufficient and more detailed information is required for examination, Optimus Hive can take automatic screenshots. Besides the common option of taking screenshots at a specific interval, Optimus Hive can be set up to take screenshots when a click occurs or the enter key is pressed. The solution specifies why the screenshot was taken and where the user clicked.


Optimus Hive takes the application’s and website site’s assigned categories to build a user or group productivity report.
Optimus Hive allows your resources to record billable hours against specific customers or projects. This is helpful when you’re managing multiple projects concurrently.


The tool gathers data on employees without a manager always watching it


Email is the most important channel for business data leaks and virus threats. The monitoring email exchange option enables to detection and elimination of such threats. You can monitor all messages, attachments, and meeting makers the user receives.
Optimus Hive allows you to pull all the items or only the items containing keywords.
What information does Optimus Hive collect?
Date & time (email or meeting maker received/scheduled)

  • Subject
  • Body
  • Sender and recipient’s email addresses
  • Attachment Name

Optimus Hive Software License
Optimus Hive Employee Monitoring application settings

Software Licensing Management Modules

Software Licensing Management helps consolidate license administration, conserve license usage, and reduce unauthorized applications.

Optimus Hive can reduce software costs and improve IT security.


With Optimus Hive you can get detailed information about the software that has been installed or uninstalled on your business machines. This can be very useful for system administrators as they don’t have physical access to each device to get the list of software users have installed.

What can be inventoried by Optimus Hive?

  • Application Name installed
  • Updates of applications installed
  • Version Number
  • Vendor of the application


Optimus Hive exposes software licensing waste. It does this by allowing the business to flag licensed software by name and then Optimus Hive monitors its usage. It will provide a report that exposes how many licenses your business is paying for that are being used very little or not at all.


Optimus Hive can provide you the ability to look for software that violates your business policy or when a licensed software is supposed to have a limited number of copies that the company can install.

Integration Capabilities

Integration helps to simplify the visualization of change data. Optimus Hive can pull data from, and share data with, other business software solutions.


Optimus Hive allows you to link to your Active Directory to pull in key user information, so your setup aligns with your business. The system will automate pulling in the user’s name, email, position title, and department.

Power BI

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Security Summary

Privacy & Security Capabilities

Business security and personal privacy ensure compliance and minimize risk. Optimus Hive takes privacy and security very seriously!


Database & Network transmission encryption

The data is encrpyed from the point its collected up to the time your review the results.


Capture only the data from your business applications & websites. Allowing your employees to still do things privately..


Capture all the data you want except for the websites & applications you want to deam as sensitive or private.

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