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Task Mining: Why is your business not doing it yet?

The term is not mainstream yet and doesn’t draw thousands of hits on the search trends.  However, this is because technology is just catching up to provide the ability to accomplish it.  Also, when RPA came out, there were so many business activities or processes ripe for automation it was easy to find positive business cases.

You Might be Asking what Tasking Mining is in Business?

Task mining permits organizations to comprehend how their resources perform or execute their work activities by capturing system information from their device.  It takes the captured data, organizes it systematically, and conducts complex data analytics to identify patterns. These patterns create compelling information for a business to have at their figure tips.

Can you imagine Henry Ford building the first assembly line without building the first car?  What about NASA sending the man to the moon without first testing the rocket unmanned, orbiting the Earth, and putting a living creating in the rocket for a re-entry test?

The answer is no!  All these invitational breakthroughs required understanding what needed to be done, breaking it into smaller processes, processing it into smaller tasks, observing the results of how the tasks, and finally improving and tweaking things until everything was ready for prime time.  Over the years and even decades, these two items have changed so much.

Are you doing the same for your business?  Are you observing how your tasks and activities are being performed that deliver the products and services that your customers are relying on? Is your business process perfect? Are you fully automated? Are the resources doing the work, doing it consistently, and creating a unified delivery for your customers?

If the answer is no to ANY of these questions, task mining vs process mining needs to be part of your overall business transformation strategy.

Tasking Mining Will Provide:

  1. Improved process efficiency:
    1. Identify and eliminate unnecessary steps resources perform
    2. Reduce deviations in how tasks are performed
    3. Improve your resources lives by identifying tooling or business issues not being reported
  1. Compliance benefits:
    1. Identify what steps resources might be skipping that cause problems down-stream within your business
    2. While training new resources, ensure the SLA affecting, legal steps, and critical steps are performed every time.
  2. Build an Automation funnel
    • Help recognize tasks that are consistent and use tools and applications that easily fit into RPA, RDA, or Business Process Automation solutions
    • Assist in building the business cases so you know what is worth spending to automate and what savings you can expect
    • Decrease the automation development time, User Acceptance Testing (UAT), and Change Management because you are armed with all the ways the task needs to be designed.

This type of activity sounds intrusive.  Is this legal?

Absolutely!  The laws vary from country to country. Some states have some additional rules; however, as a business owner, you have the right to protect your information and the right to know that your employees are upholding your business practices and policies.  The overall best approach is to create and communicate policies that would describe the business monitoring its devices and how the data is used.

Is Task Mining complicated?

Task mining is not complicated at all! All you need to do is deploy “Agents” to the devices your resources are using while working.  These “Agents” gather the data automatically and send it to a centralized server.  In the server, the solution will turn that data into valuable information.  Examples of some of the outputs are below.

The right Task Mining solution will allow you to add additional metadata to enrich your outputs even more!

In Optimus Hive you can:

  • Build your organizational hierarchy in the tool
  • Populate a team’s average business cost
  • Flag resources
    • Remote, onsite, road warriors, on customer site, etc.
    • Full-time, part-time, No Longer, etc.
    • Employee, Contractor, Sub-contractor, Robot (That’s right, you can use it to monitor your automated solutions)
    • High Performers, Low Performers, or Average Performers

Imagine what changes you could make or ones you would enforce if you knew exactly what was happening.  Now imagine if you cloud then break down the data in even more ways.   Sounds overwhelming?  Don’t worry Optimus Hive has built a standard set of tested and validated dashboards that will do all the heavy lifting for you.

Automated task mining solutions will enhance your workplace productivity that enabling the organizations to gain more in-depth comprehension during the execution of separate tasks. Moreover, your organization will get a deeper analysis of the impact of employee efficiency when implemented correctly by companies like Optimushive.

Hence, with no integration OptimusHive, a task mining solution can automatically detect and aggregate the workflow of each employee. Also, their AI algorithm identifies the repetitive tasks and then adds them into their automation pipeline. Explore more about the task mining solution provided by OptimusHive.

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