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The Do’s and Don’ts of Employee Monitoring

Managing workplace efficiency is troublesome during pandemics. Numerous representatives are working from home, and for some, that is likely perpetual. Here, the best employee monitoring software can be productive. Its computer software is used to observe employee computer activities consequently.

This solution is gainful on the off chance that you need to monitor, evaluate or have complete insight about representative profitability, participation, PC, and computer program use. Formerly, a rare and unusual implement for most organizations has unexpectedly gotten mainstream because of COVID-19.

Monitoring that has been customarily centered around following worker actions, logging dubious activities, and tracking down conceivable insider dangers are currently turning to follow efficiency, yet additionally, screen wellbeing and health, and also helps in improving engagement.

Time wastage because of non-business-related errands has been a perpetual issue in any event. According to a Salary.com survey, 89% of representatives have confessed to sitting around busy working, with the top 10% squandering at least three hours every day.

Employee Monitoring
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Employee Monitoring is getting more normal in the working environment. Before you introduce it, be certain you realize the laws encompassing its utilization. The Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986is a government law that gives managers the option to screen their employee’s verbal and written communication in specific situations.

There are additionally some other laws that manage this action. Straightforwardness in your monitoring is critical to cause your workers to have a sense of safety and shield your business from possible legal concerns. Below is a rundown of what firms ought to and shouldn’t do while mulling over and carrying out worker checking approaches. By clinging to following do’s and don’ts, the association can carry out a worker observing instrument that gives quick information and is beneficial for bosses and representatives the same.

Employee Monitoring DO’s

Employee Monitoring DO’s
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Be Clear and Transparent About Monitoring

The main thing employers can do is compose and disseminate a monitoring policy (that clearly tells what employees can anticipate from a monitoring strategy. This incorporates what’s observed, where it’s checked, and when it’s observed. Additionally, the policy should clarify why monitoring their activities advantage the company.

This could incorporate anything from lessening burglary to guaranteeing employees don’t incidentally download viruses or something unnecessary onto the workplace computers. There’s an almost negligible difference between watching out for significant working environment practices and playing.

Big brother’ so pick your monitoring solutions cautiously to guarantee they aren’t meddlesome. Rather than an abrupt, out-of-nowhere execution, inform workers well early and clarify the significance of monitoring to them.

Do Determine What Metrics You Want To Track

Do Determine What Metrics You Want To Track
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You can have a high level of detail, as in a set of data, however, it’s ideal to follow significant action that you can process, to begin with. Utilize that information to lay out objectives for your outreach group and afterward begin keeping tabs on their development. Whatever you’re objective, work in reverse to figure out what steps you need to take to arrive.

It’s a basic exercise that will help decide the most valuable measurements. Employee monitoring software companies will give you a lot of solutions out of the crate, those will frequently help push the needle toward your objective. A network monitoring system can monitor malicious programs, infected workstations, and even unusual internet usage in your organization. You can also check if your employees are accessing unproductive sites, like social media, during work.

Use the Data To Make Smart Business Decisions

Don’t simply survey the information that is accessible to you, set aside the effort to investigate it. Examining the information gathered by this product could help you settle on more brilliant business choices that will improve your group’s efficiency. For example, the information may show that a specific business measure is taking up an enormous piece of your group’s time. Killing this business cycle through and through may not be a choice, yet you can consider approaches to make it more effective.

The information can likewise assist you with choosing the most ideal approach to appoint work to colleagues. In the event that somebody plays out a specific errand more proficiently than the remainder of the group, try to designate this assignment to this worker. At the end of the day, utilize the information to sort out every worker’s qualities and shortcomings. At that point, remember this data when concluding who ought to be answerable for finishing different assignments.

Allowing every employee to focus on the errands they are acceptable to freely definitely improves your group’s profitability. You can likewise break down the information to distinguish the top executants in your group. Try to perceive these representatives’ persistent efforts to keep them profitable and motivated.

Employee Monitoring Don’ts

Employee Monitoring Don’ts
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Do Not Fail To Address Your Employees’ Concerns

Employees may at first be careful about the utilization of programming for monitoring purposes. In point of fact, a survey uncovered that 43% of employees are worried that this product could prompt the infringement of their security. The aftereffects of this overview additionally showed that 57% of employees think that the utilization of checking to program offers a bigger number of disadvantages than benefits.

These are real concerns, so you shouldn’t overlook them. All things being equal, you ought to urge your workers to impart these worries to you so you can address them straightforwardly. Allow your workers to pose inquiries and give criticism on your checking strategy. Answer their inquiries as sincerely as could really be expected.

Make certain to clarify that you are not utilizing monitoring programming to keep an eye on them, but instead to secure and protect the organization and discover approaches to make their job simpler. The employer should communicate how the utilization of programming mainly benefits them, not only the organization.

Don’t Overlook Red Flags

Employee monitoring is intended to spot dubious movements that could address a potential insider danger. In the event that this action is identified, the software will promptly send you a warning. You will actually want to see screen captures of the worker’s gadget to study the dubious movement that happened.

Now, it’s dependent upon you to decide whether the action is an authentic danger or bogus caution. In the event that it is a danger, it’s imperative to make a move as fast as conceivable to secure your organization’s delicate information. Try not to wrongly disregard warnings.

It’s not difficult to forget about the software’s warnings and notifications of dubious action, however doing so could cost your organization beyond all doubt. Regardless of whether you are overwhelmed with work, it’s to your greatest advantage to put in no time flat exploring these warnings. The more you hold back to make a move, the harder it will be to quench the danger.

Don’t: Use Time Tracking To Micromanage

It’s simple for employers of recently changed remote groups to fall into the snare of micromanagement and to utilize time following to do it. Directors can mishandle the capacities of time following programming to screen each moment in detail of how representatives are spending their work hours.

Some may even utilize the extra features of time tracking, for example, screen captures and geo-fencing to execute a ‘BOSS like’ reconnaissance over their teams. Managers are more involved with their employees than ever, yet reports seem disgruntled, unhappy, and less productive than usual.


To finish up, employee monitoring can straightforwardly affect employees’ productivity levels and increment your business profitability. Use it shrewdly without abusing any laws and protection, and you will be good to go. While the do’s and don’ts of employee monitoring are designed to help maintain productivity and reduce factors that could be the cause of litigation, it, unfortunately, is also an action that can lead to mistrust or different forms of litigation. Ultimately, the decision is up to each employer.

Every business environment is different. Some teams may accept monitoring without question. Others may just quit. That’s why this subject must be carefully evaluated at the local level before any sort of employee monitoring begins.

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