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Employee Monitoring Solution

Optimus Hive - Employee monitoring Solution

Optimus Hive – Employee Monitoring Solution is a Business Productivity Software! The Software Solution offers Task Mining, Employee Monitoring, and Data Mining solution.

Optimus Hive Agent Monitoring Dashboard

Employee monitoring Solution

Do you have the same resources at your fingertips along with similar types of expenses as your competitor, but are you still not number one in your service area? Do you know why? One big problem businesses face is not knowing how long it takes to perform a task end-to-end within their business. If their employees are working most proficiently, what issues are they running into when trying to complete a specific task? Most of the time, this type of Business Monitoring gets ignored. So, employees tend to accept flaws in the business processes and tools and call it Business as Usual (BaU).

Using Optimus Hive to perform your Business Monitoring will give you full visibility over your BaU and what it costs you! Yes, you can figure out the cost per task! This is possible no matter your employees are working from home, in a remote office, or sitting down the hall.

After working 30+ years in the Business Transformation Industry, we have developed an Astonishing Application that is not just a traditional Time Tracker solution that already exists in multiple versions out on the market. Optimus Hive provides a complete solution to monitor, analyze, and process the data it collects. So, it can deliver meaningful, actionable, and user-friendly dashboards and reports to your business’s decision-makers. Besides, Optimus Hive analyzes and processes your employees’ actions, so it can block any distracting websites, disable unauthorized applications, and so many other amazing items.
The task can be accomplished by installing a small client on your business’s devices, so it can capture META on what and how your employees are working.

Optimus Hive Business Monitoring offers a wide range of options so that you can always be ahead of your competitor. A few of the features include –

Productivity Management

The data-driven reports that automate your decision-making process and helps you to determine –

  • Optimus Hive suggests the preferred team size or any specific goal completion based on their activity on different task completion and workload.
  • Driven by previous statistics and behavior data, it can guide you to determine the work process.
  • Analyze employees’ activity data to understand their workflows and determine the time allocation to get a better result.
  • Inspects how many steps an employee takes to complete a task in real-time.
  • Evaluate activities to define the benchmark time for a specific task.
  • Measure the efficiency of new operating procedures and their impact on the productivity.
  • Specify what applications or tools employees require, the most productive hours, and the teams that work best together.
  • Review the Productivity Report annually

Surveillance Tool

Optimus Hive Monitors almost every activity of your employee that provides  –

  • Task Completion or overall performance – You can now have the opportunity to check an employee’s performance based on their task completion data.
  • Web and Social Media Usage – Optimus Hive will show reports on which web and social media need to deem to leverage your productivity level. A recent report shows, it’s one of the major distractions of any business.
  • If you have to, you can block any distracting websites or disable unauthorized applications.

Project Supervision And Management

  • End your mystery and guess game – Optimus Hive ultimately guides you to assess, determine, and take actions based on the extracted data.
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